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All types of Clamping Devices & Clamping Elements such as
  • Strap Clamps, Tapped End Clamps, Mould Clamps, Pinch Clamps, Leveling Jacks, Step Blocks, U – Clamp, T – Bolt, T – Nut, Clamping Studs, Extra Long Nuts, Flanged Nuts, Extension Nuts, Plain washers
All Types of Toggle Clamps such as
  • Hold Down Clamps, Vertical & Horizontal Lever Clamps, Straight Action Clamps, Pull Action Clamps, Squeeze Action Clamps, C – Jaw Pliers, C Clamps, Toggle Vice cum Presses, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Clamps
All Milling & Grinding Accessories such as
  • Steel Parallel, Centre Square, Edge Finders, Milling Machine Vices, Milling Clamps, Height Adjuastable Cylinders, Slot Clamps, Grinding Vices, Sine Vices, Steel V – Blocks, Magnetic V – Blocks, Angle Plates
All Types of Welding Accessories such as
  • CO2 Regulators, Argon Regulators, Oxygen Regulators, Pre Heaters, Tips Nozzles, Insulators, Bent Neck, Tungsten Electrodes, Collets
  • Welding Cables, Electrode Holders, Welding Torches, Welding Helmets & Shields, Goggles, Hand Gloves, and Chipping Hammers
All Types of Safety & Protection Equipments such as
  • Head Protection: Helmets, Head Shields
  • Eye Protection: Goggles, Spectacles
  • Face Protection: Face Shields, Welding Shields & Helmets
  • Ear Protection: Ear Muff, Ear Plug
  • Respiratory Protection: Gas Mask, Self Breathing Apparatus, Cloth Mask, Dust Mask, Fume Mask
  • Hand Protection: Hand Gloves
  • Body Protection: Body Suits, Aprons, Vests
  • Foot Protection: Safety Shoes, Boots, Gum Boots, Leg Guards


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