ARUN ENGINEERS AND CONSULTANTS, are one of the reputed and leading Manufacturing, Exporting, Importing, Products Promotion, Marketing and Consultancy Organization. We manufacture, supply different types and ranges of Welding Machines. We also represent as Distributors/Dealers for various Industrial Products. Our Company is run by a group of experienced Engineers having more than twenty years of industrial experience. We also provide Marketing Consultancy Services in Welding Fields and Special Purpose Machineries

All types of Welding Machineries such as -


Arc Welding Rectifiers (SMAW), MIG/MAG - CO2 Welding Machines (GMAW), TIG Welding Machines (GTAW), Air Plasma Cutting Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, Gas Cutting Machines, Stud Welding, Projection Welding Machines, Spot Welding Machines, Seam Welding Machines, Micro welding machines, SAW welding Machines, Welding Transformers – Air/Oil Cooled, Inverter IGBT Type – Thyristor Type & diode Type Welding Machines, Leaner and Circular Welding SPM etc.


All Types of Work Shop Machineries such as -

We also Promote, Market and Supply various Industrial Products, Work Shop Machineries, and Sheet Metal Equipments.   

Horizontal and Vertical Honing Machines, Centreless OD Lapping Machines, Centreless Through Feed Super Finishing Machines, Face Lapping Machines, CNC Machine Centres, Radial & Multi Head Drilling Machines, Shaping  Machines, Engraving Machines, Surface Grinders, Sheet Metal Cutting & forming Machines such as - Power Presses, Press Brakes, Shearing Machines, Rolling Machines, Bending Machines, Wood Working Machines, Air Compressors

All Types of Safety Equipments, clamping devices, Tool & Accessories such as –


Safety Equipments like - Head Protections, Ear Protections, Respiratory Protections, and Eye & face Protections, Hand & Body Protections, and Foot Protections. Clamping Devices like – Hold Down Clamps, Straight Line Action clamps, Pull Action Clamps, Squeeze Action clamps, Flat Action Clamps, Pneumatic Clamps, hydraulic clamps, Plunger Clamps, Cam clamps, Socket Pins, T – Studs & Nuts, Universal step Blocks, T – Bolts & Nuts. Accessories like - CO2 Regulators, Argon Regulators, Oxygen Regulators, Welding Cables & Welding Holders, Welding Head & Hand Shields, Hand Cloves, Chipping Hammer, Cutting & Welding Torches

We have separate section for supply of Laboratory, Scientific, Medical, Surgical Equipments, Glass Wares such as:

All types of Laboratory Instruments such as -

Autoclave, Bacteriological Incubator, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Carbon & Sulphur Apparatus, Constant Temperature Bath, CO2 Incubator, Deep Freezer, Environmental Chamber, Furnaces, Hot Air Oven, Hot Plate, Heating Mantle, Heating Tape, Humidity Chamber, Magnetic Stirrer, Melting Point Apparatus, Oil Bath, Phosphorous Determinator, Rotary Flask Shaker, Test Shieve, Sieve Shaker, Stirrer, Seriological Water Bath, Vacuum Oven, Vacuum Pump, water Distillation Plant, Tray drier
All Types of Laboratory Glass Wares:
Adapters such as – Reduction, Expansion, Multiple Adapters, With T- Connection, Cone, Socket, Receiver Adapter, Receiver Bend, Tube- Splash Head Adapter
Assemblies such as – Reflux, Reaction, Distillation, Preparation, Fractionation, Steam Distillation, Vacuum Sublimation, Recovery, Solvent Recovery, Arsenic Determination Apparatus, CO2 Determination Apparatus, Particle Determination Apparatus, Alkoxyl Group Determination Apparatus, Acetyl Determination Apparatus, Bas Analysis Apparatus, Bag Burettes, Ammonia Distillation
  Beakers such as – Low Form, Graduated, Tall Form
  Bottles such as – B.O.D., Reagent, Dropping, Washing, Gas Washing
  Burettes such as – Single/Double Bore Screwcock, Center Filling Glass Key Stopcock, Pressure Filling
  Condensers such as – Liebig, Jacketed Coil Vertical, Combined Double Coil, Vertical Distillate, Immersion
  Burettes such as – Single/Double Bore Screwcock, Center Filling Glass Key Stopcock, Pressure Filling
  Condensers such as – Liebig, Jacketed Coil Vertical, Combined Double Coil, Vertical Distillate, Immersion
  Crucible such as – Gooch
  Cylinders such as -  Measuring, Nessler, Crow Receiver, Desicators with Cover, Extractor Condenser, Extractor Apparatus
  Flasks such as – Boiling Flat Bottom/Round Bottom/Two Neck/Three Neck, Distilling, Conical With Screw Cap, Iodide, Volumetric, Le Chatelier
  Funnels such as – Buchener, Plain, Powder, Separating, Kettles Resin Reaction, Mercury Filter, Mercury Seal Glands
  Pipettes such as – Automatic with Overflow, Bacteriological, Measuring, Volumetric, Pyknometer
  Still Heads such as – Plain Stil Head, Splash Head, Steam Distillation Head, Thermometer with adjustable PTFE Cone, Drying Tubes
  Stopcocks such as – Straight Bore, Double Oblique Bore, T-Bore, V-bore
  Stirrers such as – Fixed Paddle, Anchor, Centrifugal, Blanded
    Tubes such as – Centrifuge, Test Tube with Screw Cap, Test Tube Stopper, Melting Point Tubes, Calcium Chloride Tubes, Blood Sugar Tubes,   Connection Tubes, Thunburg Tubes
Laboratory Furnitures & Clean Room Systems :
Laminar Flow Cabinet, Bio-safety Cabinet, Steril Air Tent, Air Curtain, Garment Storage Cabinet, Material Storage Cabinet, Fume Exhaust Hood, Work Table, Wall Storage Cupboard, Chemical Storage Cupboard, Revolving Stool, Innoculation Hood
We have well set Manufacturing and Service set up in Bangalore, India. We have a dedicated Service team after sales service arrangements through out India. We are committed to provide you with the best Equipments at competitive Price. We have supplied Equipments to reputed customers through out India



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